Flonal CerAmica

Flonal CerAmica
White ceramic, a healthy evolution in the kitchen.

Always on the lookout for new technologies applied in the world of household articles, Flonal could not miss the appointment with the new market trends launching CerAmica, a complete range of cooking utensils with an internal ceramic coating. A range capable of combining the practicality and advantages of cooking on aluminum with environmental sustainability thanks to the notable saving of energy attained during the production process. A contribution, therefore, to an eco-compatible production long sought after by Flonal.

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The new CERA-TECH coating from Flonal made up from special nanoparticles of silicon, represents a meaningful evolution and innovation in the field of cooking utensils. Exploiting the small dimensions of its molecules, the coating creates an extremely compact film that guarantees an excellent resistance against scratches, abrasions and high temperatures. Furthermore its extremely smooth and non-porous surface enhances its non-stick properties making it a practical and easy product to clean.


  • Elegant outer coating in porcelain enamel, scratch-resistant and thermal shock proof
  • Light coloured ceramic coating to make monitoring the cooking easier
  • Bakelite handles and knobs, ergonomic and heatproof with a soft touch finishing for an easy and safe grip
  • Tempered glass lid with stainless steel rim and steam vent

Cera-tech, the advantages of a new experience:

  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Allows the use of metal utensils
  • Thermal resistance up to 450°C
  • Ideal for crisping and browning
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced environmental impact during production and lower CO2 emissions

The production cycle of CERA-TECH is achieved at low temperatures permitting notable savings in energy and consequently a reduction in the emissions of CO2. This supports an environmentally sustainable production, on which Flonal has always placed great importance.

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