Flonal Opera Prima

Flonal Opera Prima

Strength and solidity are the characteristics that distinguish Opera Prima from the other lines. It is a model in which the technical advantages of die-casting are combined with the harmonious selection of a modern and functional design.

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Opera Prima

While the extra thickness provides an even distribution of heat during cooking, the elegance of the sinuous, uninterrupted lines give Opera Prima a clear signature and a meticulous and functional geometry.

A unique shape without any break in continuity: the Bakelite handles integrate perfectly with the body, creating a solid object, with a clean and elegant shape. The fastening system of the handle to the body of the pan is exclusive and patended by Flonal. A revolutionary method that:

- Eliminates totally the use of the screw.
- Creates a solid fusion between the aluminum body and bakelite handle
- Prevents the handle from loosening over time.
- Delete all cavities and the resulting accumulation of dirt.

The precision in the aesthetics accompanies the strength of processing which ensures resistance and reliability and make it a product guaranteed over time. This is why Opera Prima is born to be the line of the future.


  • Modern and functional design, elegant line
  • Black bakelite handle, with patented locking system
  • Original packaging that highlights the product design and makes the display in the shop easy
  • Teflon Platinum Plus, the top among the coatings currently in the market
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