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flonal dura induction

Dura induction is the result of an accurate design research that aims, above all, to the functionality and the perfection in all respects. Characterized  by a forged aluminium body with high thickness, Dura Induction shows an elegant structure, and at the same time really tough, thanks to its particularly prominent rim which makes this pan solid and crushproof over time. The bottom, differently from most of the frypans currently in the market, is incredibly wider, offering a greater capability and a bigger cooking surface.

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Dura Induction

Dura induction is compatible with all the cooking hobs, induction included, thanks to a new Flonal technology that consists in applying the magnetic bottom simultaneously with the forging operation; this allows to optimize the production process and to limit considerably the costs in comparison with other induction lines of the same quality level. The wide and ergonomic bakelite handle is characterized by a soft finishing and allows a safe and comfortable grip.


  • New induction technology: the magnetic bottom is applied during the forging process, allowing to limit considerably the costs
  • Bakelite handle with new shape, for a more comfortable grip
  • Bottom particularly wide, allows a greater capability and a bigger cooking surface
  • The prominent rim reinforces the aluminium body and makes it crushproof over time
  • Magmatech non-stick coating, excellent release
  • Easy Cleaning outer coating


Magma-Tech Plus stems from the continuous search for new technologies and innovative solutions; a coating designed to achieve outstanding performances during cooking. Its special formula guarantees a very high wear and scratch resistance, 35% more than previous version. Specific mineral reinforcements, of various size and shape, are combined to create an impenetrable protection, metal proof. A strong and solid structure that, together with the higher thickness of the film, ensures the preservation of incredible non-stick properties over time.

Reinforced with mineral particles that guarantee:

  • Long life
  • Perfect and healthy cooking
  • Non-sticking surface, metal tools proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cooking surface easy to clean
  • Suitable in case of allergy to heavy metals and nickel
  • PFOA - free


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