Flonal Ind-Action

Flonal Ind-Action

Safe, easy-clean cookware for a safe, clean source of energy

The world seems to be finally realizing the technological breakthrough that induction heating represents. At Flonal we could not miss out on the opportunity to launch a new and improved version of our IND-ACTION cookware.

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Induction heating is generated by an electromagnetic process. The resistance created between the field of the stove and the large ferrous base of our cookware (0,8mm) causes the heat to be produced uniquely on the body of the pot rather than on the hob itself. Therefore our Ind-Action Line features the following properties: Makes the cooking environment absolutely safe for children. Allows immediate heat responsiveness when the impulse is altered. Creates efficiency by limiting the heat dispersion in the environment.


With a solid 0.8 steel base welded on the base of our cold forged lines, we allow highly conductive aluminium to transfer its top performances on magnetic inductions stoves. Designed to enhance energy efficiency, fast heating, and safe cooking.

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