Flonal Hard Pan

Flonal Hard Pan
Forged aluminium bodies with high thickness bottom for optimal heat distribution.

Magma-Tech non-stick coating is offered in the “gold” version, the stone effect is enhanced by traces of gold that embellish the product, making it, at the same time, more resistant to abrasion. The same coating is offered externally, thus ensuring the same resistance and an easier cleaning.The special CD machined base makes the product antislip and suitable for all cooking surfaces (excluding induction). The high thickness forged aluminum bodies allow an optimal heat distribution and a perfect stability of the bottom that enable a professional use too.

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Palladium Hard Pan

The oldest material today lives again in new shapes to serve those who love nature in the kitchen. It is in fact from stone that Flonal draws inspiration for new 4 lines of products, each with different features but all of them with a common denominator: Magma-Tech non-stick coating. Reinforced with micro mineral particles, this coating is designed for maximum wear resistance, stable and efficient performances, and healthy fat-free cooking, both for intensive use and for quick preparations. With particular attention to the purity of the materials used, Magma-Tech is therefore ideal for those who love 100% genuine cooking.

Stability, strength and reliability, these are the characteristics of an eternal and natural material as the stone, which today returns to the kitchen with a modern and technologically avant-garde design.


  • Forged aluminium body
  • Magma-Tech non-stick coating
  • Magma-Tech outer coating for greatest resistance and easy cleaning
  • Anti-slide CD machined base
  • Ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing for a comfortable and safe grip
  • Elegant glass lids with glossy stainless steel rim

MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating: hardness and durability over time

MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating, applied in 5 layers, is designed to offer the maximum wear and scratch resistance; the mineral particles that are added to the coating constitute a real barrier that protects the coating itself even when using metal kitchen tools. A coating that, such as the stone, is able to guarantee the maximum resistance and stable performance over time.

A water based coating reinforced with mineral particles that guarantees:

  • Long life
  • Perfect and healthy cooking
  • Non-sticking surface, metal tools proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cooking surface easy to clean
  • Suitability in case of allergy to heavy metals and nickel
  • PFOA - free

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