T.TAN, Ultra-resistant coating, even by using metal tools.

T.tan by Flonal is an incredibly resistant line, designed for those who demand the best in the kitchen. The titanium inner substrate protects the non-stick coating from every kind of abrasion.

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It’s enough to consider that, during laboratory tests, it is able to withstand up to 34.000 abrasion cycles, against about 13.000 cycles of a good reinforced coating. Therefore its resistance is almost 3 times greater, that allows even the use of metal tools.

Besides its extraordinary coating, there are so many reasons to choose T.tan: a forged body made of pure aluminium which ensures a uniform distribution of the heat; extra-thick bottom oering the maximum stability even during extreme and high cooking temperatures; easy cleaning of both inner and outer coating.


  • Ultra resistant titanium substrate, even by using metal tools
  • Thick bottom for highest performances on every cooking surface (including induction)
  • Ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing, for a safe and comfortable grip/li>
  • Elegant and stain-free black coated flame guard

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