Other Lines

Flonal Gemma Induction

Gemma Induction

High performances and low costs on induction hobs: the special HT(heat-tech) bottom is the original system patented by Flonal to reach the maximum level of performance at relatively low  manufacturing costs. The strength and stability of Gemma Induction are guaranteed by its cold-forged aluminium body.

Flonal Ruby


It’s the perfect compromise of elegance, style and low-cost. Limited weight and flat handles to optimize space in the kitchen.

Flonal Iridium white core

Iridium White-Core

This line belongs to the last generation of non-stick coating, for great performances and a long life. Iridium White-Core combines the cold-forging technology with the elegance of new Eterna non-stick coating in cream color by Whitford.

Flonal Star


This line is for the customer who prefers costs and results before glamour. Star tops its category and it represents an optimal level in terms of reliability and quality.

Flonal Gemma Classic

Gemma Classic

A classic with a view on the future. Gemma Classic includes all the innovative and high-tech features available on the market. An exclusive design for extremely solid products.

Flonal Platinum


A product of the most sophisticated technology. Platinum is manufactured with a cold-forging process on pre-coated aluminium discs, saving costs and providing great strength to the non-stick coating.

Flonal Gemma Satin

Gemma Satin

High thermal resistance and long-lasting quality. Matt finish coating, available in various colours, combined with a refined silkscreen printing. Gemma Satin is perfect in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Flonal Platinum Sprayed

Platinum Sprayed

Guaranteed Flonal quality at lower costs. Platinum sprayed is lighter compared to the other cold-forged lines, but despite of that, it offers a very uniform heat distribution and base stability.

Flonal Palladium 6.0

Palladium 6.0

Our experience with the cold forging process has allowed us to manufacture a range that shoots for the stars. With a 6.0 bottom thickness, Palladium 6.0 allows a perfect heat distribution, making slow cooking an art and, at the same time,  easy, highly safe and healty.

Flonal ind-action


A highly conductive material, like aluminium, with perfect compatibility and great performance on magnetic induction stoves. Ind-Action is the answer to the growing diffusion of this type of thermal conduction.