Flonal’s success is made possible by an ambitious strategy concentrated on investments and technological innovation. To withstand the world challenge, it is in fact necessary to focus on high quality production by adopting the most modern technologies connected to the specific industry. A careful selection that has made Flonal a company ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

Over the years, Flonal has reached a very high level of automation and technology through processing islands which include various production steps managed by a single operator: robotised feeders which permit greater productivity and utmost control of the semi-finished product, 5000 ton hydraulic presses for cold-pressed forging, spray and roller systems which make it possible to apply any type of coating existing today on the market (non-stick, ceramic for the interior, porcelain enamel for the exterior, silicone lacquer for the exterior, ceramic for the interior) including silk-screen stations for marking the products. Special mention should be made of the cold-pressed forging technology which is a process that, by taking advantage of the malleability of the aluminium, makes it possible to mould complex items and optimally distribute the aluminium inside them.

The automated lines monitor and guarantee the best progress possible of all the manufacturing procedures for an excellent final quality combined with a reduction in costs and prevention of the risk of human error.

Because of this, the company today is able to offer one of the largest assortments of products currently available on the market, from promotional items to high quality forged products. Flonal has a production capacity which can reach 30,000 pieces per day, a quantity which is in continuous growth thanks to the constant investment.

Flonal is able to provide with all the best technologies and coatings available on the market today. These latter are provided by international groups such as Weilburger, Chemours, Whitford and Ilag.


Thanks to the cooperation with Greblon, Flonal develops its first coating reinforced with real diamonds. Designed for a professional use, DCT is a very high efficient technology that ensures outstanding non-stick effect and durability. Thirty-three carats of real diamonds every kilogram of dried coating reinforce the mid coat, increasing the thickness up to 60 microns.

flonal hgs


Flonal has developed a new revolutionary substrate, to be applied to several type of non stick coatings. A real barrier that, besides protecting and making the coating more resistant, improves the release properties thanks to the special rough effect and a greater cooking surface. High Ground System is your best friend in the kitchen: incredibly efficient, it offers outstanding non stick properties over the time. You can touch the difference!

Ultra reinforced with hard mineral particicles
Special rough surface
Improved non-stick properties



A coating designed to achieve outstanding performances during cooking. Its special formula guarantees a very high wear and scratch resistance, 35% more than previous version. Specific mineral reinforcements, of various size and shape, are combined to create an impenetrable protection, metal proof. A strong and solid structure that, together with the higher thickness of the film, ensures the preservation of incredible non-stick properties over time.



MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating is designed to offer the maximum wear and scratch resistance; the mineral particles that are added to the coating constitute a real barrier that protects the coating itself even when using metal kitchen tools. A coating that, such as the stone, is able to guarantee the maximum resistance and stable performances over time.

HEAT TECH, induction technology

Innovative manufacturing process that, thanks to a special and appropriately designed magnetic mesh, makes our Gemma line suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction. The process occurs simultaneously with the molding phase of the product, making it highly competitive and with very low environmental impact.

Cera-tech, the advantages of a new experience:

The new CERA-TECH coating from Flonal made up from special nanoparticles of silicon, represents a meaningful evolution and innovation in the field of cooking utensils. Exploiting the small dimensions of its molecules, the coating creates an extremely compact film that guarantees an excellent resistance against scratches, abrasions and high temperatures. Furthermore its extremely smooth and non-porous surface enhances its non-stick properties making it a practical and easy product to clean.

The production cycle of CERA-TECH is achieved at low temperatures permitting notable savings in energy and consequently a reduction in the emissions of CO2. This supports an environmentally sustainable production, on which Flonal has always placed great importance.

high scratch and abrasion resistance
allows the use of metal utensils
thermal resistance up to 450°C
ideal for crisping and browning
easy to clean
reduced environmental impact during production and lower CO2 emissions


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