Italian industrial tradition, since 1985.
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Since 1985, the company is a reference point in the production of aluminum cookware with non-stick coating.

Padelle realizzate nella fabbrica Flonal di Fano

Product quality and careful investment in technological innovations have ensured a growing trend and authoritative presence internationally.

The expansion towards new markets harmonizes with the high quality of the products, guaranteed by a completely Italian reality. Flonal believes and invests in its territory: the 20.000 square meter factory is located in Fano and hosts all production processes, from the selection of raw materials to the final processing of the product in all its details.

Padelle Flonal con produzione e garanzia italiana
Paolo Andreani in Flonal

Our concept of Made in Italy

Today Flonal is a company that integrates technology and quality, combining experience with evolution. A solidity that comes from the past, made possible by a strong management base rooted in the territory. It was in the mid-1980s when the opportunity came for Paolo Andreani, together with other professionals of the area, to start a company specializing in the production of aluminum non-stick cookware. From the beginning the factors of identity, history and tradition form the foundation on which rests the whole activity, deeply connected to the context in which it is located. Since then Flonal has acquired numerous markets worldwide, maintaining a trend of constant growth.

“Knowing that people all over the world use our cookware is a source of immense pride. I believe that the pan is the artist’s palette with which the housewife or chef create their works of culinary art, in a triumph of colors, flavors and fragrances. And this is also a great responsibility!”

The President Paolo Andreani

This story begins in 1985


Flonal S.p.A. begins the production of aluminium non-stick cookware.


The company moves to a larger owned plant (4.300 sq m).


One of the first companies in its sector to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System Certification.


The equipment for the production of higher quality spray coating cookware is installed.


By purchasing special 3.500-ton presses, Flonal is among the precursors of the cold forging technique.


The first plant to produce cookware suitable for induction hob.


Opera Prima patent: screwless technology for the fixing of the handle.


The covered area of the plant is enlarged, for a total of 18.000 sq m.


New 5.000-ton hydraulic press: the best available on the market for forging operations.


Launch of the new Magma-Tech and Magma-Tech Plus coatings, reinforced with hard mineral particles.


The Wall: last generation non-stick roller coating.