Padella Flonal dura induction, la funzionalità di una cucina moderna

Dura Induction

Aiming the perfection in all respects, it represents the functionality of a modern kitchen.

Padella Flonal monolite, materiale più antico rivive in nuove forme


The oldest material lives again in new shapes to serve those who love nature in the kitchen.

Pietra Viva

Designed for daily and intensive use, it is a guarantee in terms of performance and durability.

Padella Flonal in pietra lavica, stabilità, robustezza e affidabilità

Pietra Lavica

Stability, strenght and reliability, thanks to the high thickness of the forged aluminium body.

Padella Flonal sasso, durezza abbinata ad un’estetica ricercata e curata nei dettagli


Incredible hardness combined to a refined aesthetic, paying great attention to the details.

Padella Flonal in terrarossa, colori caldi e passionali


Warm and passionate colours that remember the Italian cuisine and the love for tradition.

Padella Flonal marmo


Natural inspiration for an unmistakable style.

Padella Flonal Palladium Terrae, una linea che si ispira alla natura

Palladium Terrae

A line that draws inspiration from nature. Solid, durable and able to provide high quality performances.

Opera Prima

Elegant and strong. A modern and functional design for a tough and reliable product, guaranteed over time.